Far away from home

How do you celebrate someone’s life after you get the phone call that one of the most important person of your childhood have passed away?

How do you handle incredible people in your country telling you: “I gave her big kisses for you, we were all there for her, even you”

How do you get over this sensation of loss? This feeling that everything is changing around you? The feeling that no matter how right you act, the feeling that no matter  how kind you are, the feeling that no matter how  driven you are by doing the right things, well sometimes bad things happened, and sometimes life just happens.

How do you get over the fact that life is not fair?

How do you get over the fact that you are so far aways from family and home when a major life event happens?

How do you get over the fact that you are not with your loves one in your homeland when a death occur?

How do you get over the simple selfish fact that they are all together leaning on each other, and you are not there with them?

Who do you choose to call , when you have no family around, to go cry on their shoulder? Who do you not care to see you with red puffy eyes, nose running, sobbing and not be able to talk? Who will be there for you? Who will will just listen to you crying, blowing your nose and staying there in silence?

Today February 16, I lost my beautiful, kind, incredibly humble, funny, incredibly funny, hard working, loving Mémé Gallon.

I am just simply lost today.

Did I told her I loved her the last time I left? Or was just the strong one, as usual going ” come on you know we will see each other next summer…”

Let me introduce you to my beautiful grandmother….Josephine Gallon.



  1. I am so sorry for your loss, Katia. I have no words. I don’t know what I’ll do when the day comes for my own grandmother! Thinking about you.

  2. Katia, your grandmother knows you are a beautiful person, inside and out, and she is looking down on you so very proud of the woman you have become.

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