Morning Golf

Since I knew that the kids would be in France the month of July with my parents, I wanted to do fun stuff even more with them before they left.  We took the kids to go to the driving range at Hiilandale golf range. Everybody had so much fun!

The girls were really engaged and had Jason as a teacher. They did so well!June_2014_Golf_Hillandale_kids_0074 June_2014_Golf_Hillandale_kids_0085 June_2014_Golf_Hillandale_kids_0081 June_2014_Golf_Hillandale_kids_0071 June_2014_Golf_Hillandale_kids_0072 June_2014_Golf_Hillandale_kids_0060 June_2014_Golf_Hillandale_kids_0061 June_2014_Golf_Hillandale_kids_0046 June_2014_Golf_Hillandale_kids_0024 June_2014_Golf_Hillandale_kids_0026 June_2014_Golf_Hillandale_kids_0023 June_2014_Golf_Hillandale_kids_0010


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