Jason first golf tournament at NC State

Jason got in at the last minute on this tournament last weekend. He was on the waiting list and then 3 days before, we were told he had got in!

It was a 2 days tournament on the Nc State golf course.

I could of not be happier to see him there. He was with kids that have been golfing for over 10 years. He also was with kids that have played on that course 5 days a week.

It is a very hard course, it was very windy the second day, but he never gave up.

We are happy that he stayed in the game and did much better the second day than the first day.

The girls, Millie, Patrick and I were there to cheer, to keep him motivated, and to support him.

The first day we walked the whole 18 holes under the blasting sun, the second day we were lucky to have Patrick get us golf cart.

Can’t wait to see how well he does in the Charlotte tournament next month…

Here are couple of photos from both days.

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