Jill and Cliff’s wedding

I am just getting around to edit the photos of the wedding. What a gorgeous bride Jill was! What a joy to see our friend Cliff getting married.

It was wonderful to have been invited to celebrate the union of these 2 incredible people. The beautiful and talented poet Pamela Taylor was the one marrying them…no better lady for the job!

Wedding_jill_cliff1_3_1 Wedding_jill_cliff1_14 Wedding_jill_cliff1_19 Wedding_jill_cliff1_21 Wedding_jill_cliff1_32 Wedding_jill_cliff1_36 Wedding_jill_cliff1_38 Wedding_jill_cliff1_38 Wedding_jill_cliff1_39 Wedding_jill_cliff1_46 Wedding_jill_cliff1_49 Wedding_jill_cliff1_50 Wedding_jill_cliff1_51 Wedding_jill_cliff1_52 Wedding_jill_cliff1_53 Wedding_jill_cliff1_56 Wedding_jill_cliff1_57 Wedding_jill_cliff1_61 Wedding_jill_cliff1_70 Wedding_jill_cliff1_77 Wedding_jill_cliff1_87 Wedding_jill_cliff1_92 Wedding_jill_cliff1_100 Wedding_jill_cliff1_103 Wedding_jill_cliff1_105 Wedding_jill_cliff1_146 Wedding_jill_cliff1_149 Wedding_jill_cliff1_213 Wedding_jill_cliff1_226 Wedding_jill_cliff1_231 Wedding_jill_cliff1_232 Wedding_jill_cliff1_233




  1. Thanks for the pictures of the ceremony. Being a part of the whole thing was magical. And you got two great shots of camera-shy Susan. 🙂

  2. Thank you so very much for these lovely pictures of a very special day for me. The pictures of the children are delightful… and even the adolescents in the audience were caught with a glow. I will remember it as a day when everyone was happy… and your pictures are proof!

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