Downtown Durham with my parents and the girls

After we left the brunch milonga yesterday we went to the trails to get in a hike for us and a ride on the mountain bike for Patrick. The trails were closed so we all decided to take the girls and my parents to the charity trees in Downtown Durham. I have taken the girls every year, and since I did not have them the weekend of the Celebration of light on the Tobacco district, they had missed it.

My parents loved it, we looked and still chose our favorite charity tree , we then hangout and watch the skaters at the Ice-rink. My mom and Lara sat next to the fire watch Patrick and Chloe played chess and my dad and I played checkers. We had a blast!

We came home and made breakfast for dinner. We divided and conquer at the grocery store, then made homemade home fries, and waffles!

Loved it!


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  1. Sommes a charlotte depart pour san juan retarde de 1heure mais tout va bien pour le moment bissss

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