International Festival for Lara at Kestreil Height

Chloe, Lara and I made it to Kestreil at 5;15 pm. Patrick meet us there after Lara called him several times to ask if he could bring a table cloth, then if he could help her since her board was not a stand up board. He made a stand for her at the last minute and had it at school by 5;30!  She was so grateful.

While Lara presented her Cote d’Ivoire country, Jason, Chloe, Patrick and I went to pretty much every single country represented! We laughed so much. It is wonderful to spend time with these middle school kids and ask them questions about the country they did there project on.

Lara earned 50 extra points for going last night and we had fun learning about countries.

I actually learned that Marie Curie was not French last night and I did not know that.

Anyway another great family event while we have the girls on weekend.


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