Graduation present in Gatlinsburg

We choose since we are on a tight budget to stay very close to home for my graduation present. We went to Gatlinsburg. I loved it, charming village in the winter. Of course you had to go off the beaten path and be willing to explore! National Park, skiing one day, Cade Cove one of the original settlement in the Great Smokey mountains.

We brought all of our groceries, we are cooking, enjoying picnics, beautiful drive and of course we are working, had fun and enjoyed the place! Our treat was to go one day skiing….oh my gosh what an incredible time! Patrick did down hill ski and ski jumping for 6 years when in school in New Hampshire. What a blast to ski with him!

I did so much photography this week. I actually ran out of battery (Happy I had a spare). I filled 2 time a 32G card…of gorgeous scenery.

Editing photos of the week, so here is a preview with photos made with the cell phone.


1 Comment

  1. Katia is an amazing photographer. She has this gift to see the same world we all see, but with an amazing and unique perspective. I look forward to see her edited photos!

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