Fun weekend with kids

The weekend before we left for California we had the girls. We decided to stay home after church, and play the game Cranium we laughed so hard!

January_2015_Board_games_0001 copy

January_2015_Board_games_0003 copy

January_2015_Board_games_0005 copy

We loved it so much that when we got together with our friends the Whitlows 3 days ago for a wonderful dinner they made for us we decided to play with them. We laugh so hard! Another memorable afternoon/evening.

February_2015_Etouffe_at_whitlows_0004 copy

February_2015_Etouffe_at_whitlows_0007 copy

February_2015_Etouffe_at_whitlows_0011 copy

February_2015_Etouffe_at_whitlows_0012 copy

February_2015_Etouffe_at_whitlows_0014 copy

February_2015_Etouffe_at_whitlows_0017 copy

February_2015_Etouffe_at_whitlows_0018 copy

February_2015_Etouffe_at_whitlows_0019 copy

February_2015_Etouffe_at_whitlows_0020 copy

February_2015_Etouffe_at_whitlows_0022 copy

February_2015_Etouffe_at_whitlows_0028 copy

February_2015_Etouffe_at_whitlows_0032 copy

February_2015_Etouffe_at_whitlows_0037 copy

February_2015_Etouffe_at_whitlows_0038 copy

February_2015_Etouffe_at_whitlows_0040 copy




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