Outdoor kitchen

When my parents came over the holidays, my dad and friend Patrick were busy getting water, and more specifically hot water in my outdoor kitchen.

We had planned to put a roof, but when we saw the cost, we decided to pass on it. The goal for us is to make this yard an incredible one, beautiful, but very cheap.

I went on Pinterest to continue my research on that roof and saw an idea. Very inexpensive, but a lot of work and time. We don’t mind, we adore doing project together and making home a place that we don’t really want to leave. We now feel like we have our own resort:-). People that walk by tell us , the yard has never looked so good!

Here is the past weekend project we finished. Another very inexpensive project ( beside our sweat, and much time)!!

We had 2 4×4 already. We bought 2 more. And we bough 9 skinny woods that we nailed together. we bought 9 sheet of plastic roofing see through and not colored ( it was cheaper 13$ each )

I painted, measured, passed the drill, the nails, hold the ladder. Basically I did the easy job. Loving doing projects!

Looking good!



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