The C.I.A

I gave birth, almost 18 years ago now, to this incredible son of mine, in Rhinebeck, NY.

I lived in Rhinebeck, a historical town next to the famous Culinary school called the C. ( culinary) I. ( institute) of A. America.

I loved the campus there, the beautiful view of the Hudson River and of course the restaurants. I tutored couple of culinary students that needed helped in French classes.

When I learned many years ago that they were opening a C.I.A school in Napa, I voiced my wish to go there, as I love food, can cook fairly well and I love wine.

My wish came true, many years later. I was able to go there, on the campus, during my trip to California. There was a wedding happening there. I had time to go around campus, visited inside the school , and of course I took many photos there. Saint Helena was simply incredible and well worth the wait!





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