Party Girls weekend

This weekend I knew it was going to be gorgeous , I had told my girls it was going to be a girls party weekend. They had homework’s done, planner signed by teachers and chores done on time with a great attitude. It was reward time! But I needed it to be on the very inexpensive side.

We  had plugged the Wii, and we told the girls when we dropped them at school on Friday that we had a fun weekend planned! They get so excited!

First I told them, we will have cereals for dinner, oh my gosh the simple things you can do. They loved it because they knew it was not out of convenience! Then I told them that we will play the Wii and their games from Xmas ( they had not played it yet).

We had a blast, we laughed so hard.

In order we played Super Mario cart, smurfs, dance, and we finish with Sing it Karaoke!

They loved it and so did we and it was a cheap night of entertainment They were so grateful!

Today Lara will come with me to the outdoor Milonga, while Chloe spend some quality time with Jason and then goes to a slumber party.

We want to do something after the Milonga just with Lara, so we thought we would take to a nice restaurant and show her what it is to go out in a nice place. We rarely go out to eat as I can cook usually better than the restaurant.

When we got back we will do a fire in the fire pit and roast marshmallow. We finally found chairs in our budget at Aldi.

Then tomorrow we have 10 ladies coming to brunch! Lara and chloe are a part of the organizations and the brunch. The three of us girls are hosting, not just me! We are cooking a quiche, we have people bringing food, wine and poems! Can’t wait!

Party_night_girls_0034 copy Party_night_girls_0029 copy Party_night_girls_0023 copy Party_night_girls_0020 copy




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