Mothers day

For mothers day I had told the girls and Jason 2 weeks ago that we were going to go strawberry picking and we will eat them with homemade whip cream, and then make homemade jelly. We sat outside after picking them and did just that! We had such a blast.

Before going strawberry picking, I asked to stop at this train tracks to retake a photo that I took many years ago of the 3 kids. My oldest is leaving for College and I wanted that shot. Kind of a nostalgic memory.

My friend and poet Pamela Taylor had written a beautiful poem on this photo…Here is the new version of that photo many years later.

May_2015_Mothers_day_strawberry_patch_0054 copy

We also did a bunch of fun photos that day…Here is a sample of the fun we had at the tracks doing a crazy photo shoot.

May_2015_Mother_day_0037 copy May_2015_Mother_day_0038 copy May_2015_Mother_day_0031 copy May_2015_Mother_day_0029 copy May_2015_Mother_day_0026 copy May_2015_Mothers_day_strawberry_patch_0373 copy May_2015_Mothers_day_strawberry_patch_0437 copy May_2015_Mothers_day_strawberry_patch_0320 copy May_2015_Mothers_day_strawberry_patch_0273 copy May_2015_Mothers_day_strawberry_patch_0247 copy May_2015_Mothers_day_strawberry_patch_0065 copy May_2015_Mothers_day_strawberry_patch_0017 copy May_2015_Mothers_day_strawberry_patch_0013 copy May_2015_Mothers_day_strawberry_patch_0054 copy


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