More photos on Stock company

Happy to have more photos accepted.

It is good timing as I am trying to finish all the editing and trying to submit all photos before I leave out of the country.

I am leaving to go see my family and more specifically my grandmother. She has been in the hospital….

Flights at the last minutes are so expensive, so we are taking a detour through London.

We are flying through London, staying there a full day and then flying to Paris. When we arrive in Paris we will take the TGV to go directly to Vannes where my parents will pick us up.

I had a small window of time, as I wanted to attend all my kids performance, end of school dance, and concert. I also have to be back for my son graduation. It will be a short trip, but very needed one.

Of course there are so many photos I have in mind to take while I am there. It will just be good to be home! I have not been there in over 2 years…



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