Outdoor milonga in Raleigh

Incredible afternoon. Lara came with me to the milonga as Chloe was at a slumber party. The kids loves to come to Milonga events whether it is when we take them to Open eye, to the outdoor Milonga or when we take them to Arthur Murray studio. Girls are so grateful and feel so included that Patrick and I do this with them. Chloe painted my toe nails right before we went to the Milonga and we took some silly photos together.

I was the DJ  Saturday afternoon in Raleigh. What a gorgeous day it was to be outdoor dancing. We had people from Newport News, and Fayetville coming to danse with us. Many people were just watching as so many events were happening at the Duke Energy center.

The best part of it is seeing the community working together afterward to take down the floor, and help out. ( thank you David for allowing us to use it). Wonderful people we have here!




Brunch with a great friend

We were at a wedding on saturday but we still managed to host Romney on Saturday night.

Sunday morning was a early morning for all of us and we had a brunch with couple of dancers that he used to dance with when he lived in the triangle.

Fun Sunday!

House milonga and Roberto’s birthday

While my parents were here, I wanted to be sure they had the opportunity to dance with this wonderful tango community. So I decided to have a house milonga.

It was so much fun! 32 people showed up and enjoyed food, wine, dancing, and celebrating Roberto’s birthday.

Lara, my middle daughter loved greeting people and taking their coats, Chloe enjoyed dancing with Roberto. Both loved playing with Maya.

Jason, and Millie enjoyed their time hanging out with Byron and his girlfriend.

It was nice to have a full house and to see old tango friends that travelled from California.