Published again:-)


Kings Daughter’s Inn, Durham NC

Paris, Je t’aime

Ha Paris! Who has not dreamed of the romantic city? Waking up in a Paris, listening to the guy on the bank of the Seine river playing “La Vie en Rose” with the accordion, eating croissants from the Boulangerie of the corner!

Well, I was so excited to hear that Delta Airlines is finally bringing the Raleigh, Durham area, a direct flight to Paris in the spring 2016. No more connections to no end, to fly there. As a French/ American Citizen, I look forward to a long weekend in the Capital of fashion, the country of gourmet food, the history of such an old European country.

I imagine, leaving on Thursday night from RDU, arriving Friday morning in Paris, enjoying the day walking Montmartre, seeing the Eiffel towel, going on a tour in a “Peniche” (the French Seine River sightseeing boat), and finishing the evening eating in a local Bistro. Saturday, I would be waking up to the smell of the “Pain au chocolat “, and spending the day at the Louvre, or Versailles….. And Sunday come back home to RDU.

Of course, that would mean that Monday morning , I would be totally homesick for my croissant! I would take my car, and end up at the French Corner Bakery ….


Published again.

I received my hard copy of the magazine today in the mail!

Happy to have been published again. 2 pages spread of photos. Working hard non-stop pays off.

Party Girls weekend

This weekend I knew it was going to be gorgeous , I had told my girls it was going to be a girls party weekend. They had homework’s done, planner signed by teachers and chores done on time with a great attitude. It was reward time! But I needed it to be on the very inexpensive side.

We  had plugged the Wii, and we told the girls when we dropped them at school on Friday that we had a fun weekend planned! They get so excited!

First I told them, we will have cereals for dinner, oh my gosh the simple things you can do. They loved it because they knew it was not out of convenience! Then I told them that we will play the Wii and their games from Xmas ( they had not played it yet).

We had a blast, we laughed so hard.

In order we played Super Mario cart, smurfs, dance, and we finish with Sing it Karaoke!

They loved it and so did we and it was a cheap night of entertainment They were so grateful!

Today Lara will come with me to the outdoor Milonga, while Chloe spend some quality time with Jason and then goes to a slumber party.

We want to do something after the Milonga just with Lara, so we thought we would take to a nice restaurant and show her what it is to go out in a nice place. We rarely go out to eat as I can cook usually better than the restaurant.

When we got back we will do a fire in the fire pit and roast marshmallow. We finally found chairs in our budget at Aldi.

Then tomorrow we have 10 ladies coming to brunch! Lara and chloe are a part of the organizations and the brunch. The three of us girls are hosting, not just me! We are cooking a quiche, we have people bringing food, wine and poems! Can’t wait!

Party_night_girls_0034 copy Party_night_girls_0029 copy Party_night_girls_0023 copy Party_night_girls_0020 copy



Snow fun after a full day back at work

We just got back from Sonoma last night very late.

We were up very early to work, that way we could spend some time with the kids today…yes vacation are fun but work piles up when you are gone and there is a lot of catching up to do.

We worked non-stop while the kids were outside on their sled in the snow. We finally around 5h45 took a break and went with them for 30 minutes. We laughed so hard, we were cold, we fell and last but not least we hit trees.

Here are photos from our escapade outside with the kids as they did not have school today.



Boys Changing brakes

Jason’s brakes went out. Patrick told him that if he wanted, he could help him and walk him through how to change them.

They were set!

I was so proud of Jason to see how he was so tuned and interested to learn from Patrick how to do this. Jason did it all under the supervision and guidance.

When I told Jason I was proud of him to do this, he responded ” Why proud of me? You should be proud to have a man that not only knows how to change breaks but is willing to teach me how to do it”

Here are couple of photos from their time changing the brakes.

Christmas morning

Ha…the magic of Xmas morning!

Girls were up so early and Patrick had told them that he would help them with breakfast that morning.

You see ever year, the kids wake up early and I make it drag. I require we have breakfast, my coffee, trash bag by the chairs, photos….anyhow by the time we sit down they are so excited they can’t wait anymore! They are begging to be able to open their presents.

We did the stockings first and then each of us, opened our presents.

It was the perfect Christmas. Only happy people in the house, laughter, fun, everybody grateful for their gifts, everybody helping each other, Patrick with us and my parents were in town. The simple happiness of being together. That was certainly big enough of presents!

Downtown Durham with my parents and the girls

After we left the brunch milonga yesterday we went to the trails to get in a hike for us and a ride on the mountain bike for Patrick. The trails were closed so we all decided to take the girls and my parents to the charity trees in Downtown Durham. I have taken the girls every year, and since I did not have them the weekend of the Celebration of light on the Tobacco district, they had missed it.

My parents loved it, we looked and still chose our favorite charity tree , we then hangout and watch the skaters at the Ice-rink. My mom and Lara sat next to the fire watch Patrick and Chloe played chess and my dad and I played checkers. We had a blast!

We came home and made breakfast for dinner. We divided and conquer at the grocery store, then made homemade home fries, and waffles!

Loved it!


Very happy….this is using my photos to hopefully make a difference.
“Her justice” raise money for women that are victims of abuse…


Here is the link to my professional blog post about it.