Video Documentary on Argentine Tango

I specialize in documentary photography and lately have been wanted to add film and video under my belt to be able to cater to any job opportunity that can be giving to me in journalism/documentary.

I feel like a photojournalist or photo documentarist has to know how to do both these days, to be able to stay competitive.

Thanks to the support of my wonderful friend, teacher  and mentor in photography Meg Daniel. She really push me to learn it, and kept telling me that I will love it and embrace it if I give it a chance. She was right as usual.

Thanks to the wonderful teaching of Brandon Johnson, Kelly Smith Campbell and Andrew Ross, I am able to produce my first piece that I am very proud of.


It has been a challenge to edit as I am a perfectionist. This is my 4th video, but the first one that I am proud of.

Video Documentary on Argentine Tango


Chloe’s Christmas Concert

Last week we went to Chloe’s second grade Christmas concert at Kestreil. Jason, Lara and Chloe’s friend were there to applaud her. She was of course the most beautiful:-)

She did so well, she was so cute! She sang beautifully and danced incredibly. What a treat!



Fun milonga at Piazza Italia

We were very grateful for Jason Laughlin to have as a guest Tomas Howlin and Karen Jaffe to come for teach the weekend workshop.

We all ended up having diner at Piazza Italia in Durham and enjoyed the performance and the wonderful tandas.

Here are photos of the night:

August_2013_Diner_Piazza_Italia_0001 August_2013_Diner_Piazza_Italia_0002 August_2013_Diner_Piazza_Italia_0007 August_2013_Diner_Piazza_Italia_0010 August_2013_Diner_Piazza_Italia_0017 August_2013_Diner_Piazza_Italia_0026 August_2013_Diner_Piazza_Italia_0041 August_2013_Milonga_Piazza_Italia_Tomas_0003 August_2013_Milonga_Piazza_Italia_Tomas_0011 August_2013_Milonga_Piazza_Italia_Tomas_0027 August_2013_Milonga_Piazza_Italia_Tomas_0043 August_2013_Milonga_Piazza_Italia_Tomas_0050 August_2013_Milonga_Piazza_Italia_Tomas_0112 August_2013_Milonga_Piazza_Italia_Tomas_0186 August_2013_Milonga_Piazza_Italia_Tomas_0240 August_2013_Milonga_Piazza_Italia_Tomas_0253 August_2013_Milonga_Piazza_Italia_Tomas_0270 August_2013_Milonga_Piazza_Italia_Tomas_0301 August_2013_Milonga_Piazza_Italia_Tomas_0307 August_2013_Milonga_Piazza_Italia_Tomas_0326 August_2013_Milonga_Piazza_Italia_Tomas_0336 August_2013_Milonga_Piazza_Italia_Tomas_0359 August_2013_Milonga_Piazza_Italia_Tomas_0362 August_2013_Piazza_Italia_iphone_0009 August_2013_Piazza_Italia_iphone_0010 August_2013_Piazza_Italia_iphone_0012 August_2013_Piazza_Italia_iphone_0015

Invisible Earth…Paperhand puppet show at the Forest Theater

I took the kids to see the Paperhand pupett show at the outdoor beautiful Forest theater in Chapel Hill. It was magnificient.

Beautiful story of taking care of the Earth, beautiful live music and incredible show.

The kids loved it and so did I. I did not have my camera that night, I regretted it. Photos are taken with the Iphone.

Farewell Milonga Pichuqueando for Cecilia Pagani

Last night was a very special milonga to honor our good friend and beautiful milonguera, Cecilia Pagani,before she relocates to Atlanta, GA
We had the milonga at Piazza Italia and we had live music.

Maestro Julian Hasse was at the bandoneon and David Garcia was at the guitar  and the live music were compliments of Jason Laughlin, Cecilia’s dance partner.

Here are the photos of the evening.

Performance at Parizade

Such a fun weekend with performances at Parizade in Durham with Nick Jones and Diana Cruz.

Dance Theatre South recital at the Carolina Theater

The recital was really good. It was very well organized, very appropriate, and fun to watch.

I had taken my camera,  my long lense 70/200 1:2.8 and 4 CF cards of  32 GB in case I was really inspire to shoot there.

Well I was inspired, I actually filled almost all of them!

Of course the photojournalist in me came out even at the dance recital of my kids.

I had a blast taking so many photos, the colors of the background were amazing, and the dancers were really good!

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Argentine tango Performance at Parizade

We were performing for the first time since Maya was born at Parizade on Saturday night.

Cecil and Iryna started the night with a milonga, then John and I followed  with Osvaldo Pugliese. The 4 of us finished on Francisco Canaro.

It was so good to see how good my friend look after giving birth a month ago.

Non-tango friends Jeff and Stacey came to have dessert, coffee and watch us dance.

Jeff had my camera and took photos of us dancing. Thank you Jeff!

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Carmina Burana, Carl Orff

Carmina Burana translate to “Songs from Beuern” and is a collections of 254 poems written mostly in the 11th and 12th century in a melange of old French, Latin and German.

In 1803, the manuscript of texts was found in Bavaria in a Benedictine monastery.

In 1936, composer Carl Orff set some of the poems to music.

It is one of my favorite classical piece and I have been listening to it a lot lately.

As a music lover, I have been studying the lyrics lately. I actually have been learning the lyrics. So much power into singing into a foreign language.

The lyrics are a beautiful melange of love songs, morals songs, drinking songs and spiritual songs.

I have had the privilege to go and watch the Symphony perform it in Raleigh!

I wish I would of known they would not check for lenses in bag…I would brought a different lens!

It was a fantastic concert, and having looked at the translation in English and French made me love it even more!

Ballet performance

My daughter Chloe had a ballet recital couple of days ago.

It is so cute to see these 6 years old trying hard to impress parents!

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Ma petite derniere Chloe avait une performance il y s quelques jours.

Trop mignon de voir ses petites filles de 6 ans essayant d’impressonner leur parents!