Segway with Charlotte NC Tour


4th of July week-end


I took a small couple of weeks break from editing and posting. I have been so busy since my trip from England and France as I am training for another triathlon. Anyway, I am back!

For the 4th of July weekend I went to Middleburg, VA to visit friends that I have known for over 25 years…

What an incredible place to regenerate yourself! I am grateful, and happy to have people that I can call at any time and say I come to see you.

Fabulous place to be, we went to see Christophe Jouenne  jump at the race with his horse.

Here are couple of photos of the day, prior to the race and then at the race


Wyndham Golf Tournement

Patrick was able through his connections to get him and Jason to volunteer at the Wyndham Golf Tournament in Greensboro. They were at the 18th hole and did security. They had a wonderful time.

Because of their volunteering Millie and I were able to attend the championship. What a fun day, I loved it!

I only wish the girls could of been with us…

We were not allowed cameras, so those are fun iPhone photos


Lara’s first meet of cross country season

I am so proud. For many reasons, Lara always had a special place in my heart.

Chloe and I drove over one hour from Durham to go cheer her for her first  cross country meet.

Last thursday afternoon as I watched  and cheered these long beautiful legs going and going under the heat, I found myself choking…tears came flowing down.

I remembered clearly the occupational therapist, the physical therapist, the speech therapist….

It was one of these moments, that you want to recall. She inspired me today. She run the entire time, she paced herself, she arrived, she did not gave up!

This is my beautiful daughter, and a gorgeous one!




Morning Golf

Since I knew that the kids would be in France the month of July with my parents, I wanted to do fun stuff even more with them before they left.  We took the kids to go to the driving range at Hiilandale golf range. Everybody had so much fun!

The girls were really engaged and had Jason as a teacher. They did so well!June_2014_Golf_Hillandale_kids_0074 June_2014_Golf_Hillandale_kids_0085 June_2014_Golf_Hillandale_kids_0081 June_2014_Golf_Hillandale_kids_0071 June_2014_Golf_Hillandale_kids_0072 June_2014_Golf_Hillandale_kids_0060 June_2014_Golf_Hillandale_kids_0061 June_2014_Golf_Hillandale_kids_0046 June_2014_Golf_Hillandale_kids_0024 June_2014_Golf_Hillandale_kids_0026 June_2014_Golf_Hillandale_kids_0023 June_2014_Golf_Hillandale_kids_0010

Passing of La Caravane right before the riders in Tour de France 2013

The passing of “La Caravane” was so much fun and very entertaining. I was shock to see people coming for that part and leaving before the riders came. Aren’t they the most important part?

People watching, photographing them was the best part…

Great memories of that day.




Tour de France 2013, Stage 10 in Guer, Bretagne

I added the photo on my website of my photographs from “Le Tour De France”. Maillot Jaune that day was with Christopher Froom however he was not in the “echapee” that day.


Le 100th Tour de France…Christopher Froom.

Today is the arrival of the 100th Tour de France. Congratulations to  Christopher Froom!

Shooting the Tour was the most incredible thing I ever did. The adrenaline was running through me….

Here photos of Stage 10, ( etape 10)  the maillot jaune was with Froom, that day.

In the echapee ( escape) we had 5 riders!

Wow! I will never be able to explain the feeling I experienced. Can’t wait to do it again…next year.



My  teenager is on the Junior Varsity Lacrosse team at Jordan high school.

I did not know much about the sport  until Saturday. Rainy and cold saturday it was and here we were at NCCU watching him.

I was still able to take some shots under the rain…

I am so proud of you Jason Singletary!

Triathlon schedule 2013 and half Iron man

I registered for 4 triathlon this year and a half iron man:

March 23, Clinton, NC, Sprint triathlon

April 7, open water swim , White lake, NC, Sprint triathlon

April 20, open water, Wake Forest, NC, Olympic triathlon

August 18, Raleigh, NC, Sprint triathlon

September 15 will be my first trial for the Half Iron Man, Pittsboro, NC, Half Iron man

If you are around those town, or cities, come and support my son and I as we will really need ( especially me).

October_2012_Rex_Wellness_center_triathlon_0196 October_2012_Rex_Wellness_center_triathlon_0240_1October_2012_Rex_Wellness_center_triathlon_0019_1