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I took the girls to see a concert of World music last weekend we had them. We want them to know and feel confident that they are old enough, that they can dress up and go experience the world. They are after all 12 and 9.

I want them to learn to get dress up, to be excited to go out and experience things that will help them later on. They were blown away by the 80 + singers that joined the stage. I was so happy to see the Paco Band again, it was nice to share this event with them.  Chloe was happy that I got her to talk to the drum player of the band and got her programed signed.

And of course it was fun to watch the beautiful Iryna and handsome Cecil perform to Piazolla.  We had Maya sitting with us, between the girls and we had a pure blast!

Here are couple of bad photos from the iPhone.



Stone Mountain fun day in Atlanta

Patrick and I went to Atlanta for a tango worshop. We did not have the girls that weekend so we went to attend the milongas at night and during the day we took Maya and did tourist stuff.

This weekend was so enlighting. When I started dating, it was an easy way to differentiate the good guys from the not so good. I needed, as a good parent to let people knows that I was a package of 3. It was the most important thing for me. Someone that did not want to have much time to do with my kids was not good enough for me. In French we say: “Il vaut mieux etre seule, que mal accompagner”, meaning : It is better to be alone than not accompanied well.

I know Patrick was good for me when I saw how he was with my kids, how he loved spending time doing things with them when they are with us. Jason has been living full time with me for more than a year now and seeing how great of a example Patrick is for him has been incredible, coming to the College tour with Jason and I, how they like to go to the gym, or boxing class together, golfing together or even playing video game together.

And after 10 months of dating that has even deepened.  I like how when we go somewhere and we don’t have the girls he is always talking on how we should bring them back and we usually do. He walk the walk, not just talk the talk!

This weekend was incredible to see how wonderful he was with Maya, and how involve he was, singing songs, entertaining her, feeding her.

We took Maya to Stone mountain, we walked around, visited the quarry , had fun with snow, went to see a covered bridge and learned about where the granit from Stone Mountain went in the USA. Durham post office granit came from there. Here are photos from Stone Mountain.



Outdoor Milonga Raleigh


What a wonderful afternoon tango time in Raleigh. Triangle Tango had organized once again with the generosity of Duke Energy Center for the Performing Arts.

This was held in the afternoon from 3.00pm – 6.00pm. Jae of Tango Utopia fame had put together some of our favorite tandas that  had on the dance floor provided by David Karasiewicz.

I went with the girls, of course….it was in the middle of the afternoon and I wanted them to enjoy the afternoon tango, the community, and the gorgeous weather.

It was a joy as many brought their kids as it was an afternoon event.

Lara had so much fun with the oldest kids and Chloe with the youngest kids.

It was kids, dogs, bubbles, dancers and friends. Gorgeous day, beautiful venue, and incredible people, they are my tango community.

Here couple of photos I took from the event.

Video Documentary on Argentine Tango

I specialize in documentary photography and lately have been wanted to add film and video under my belt to be able to cater to any job opportunity that can be giving to me in journalism/documentary.

I feel like a photojournalist or photo documentarist has to know how to do both these days, to be able to stay competitive.

Thanks to the support of my wonderful friend, teacher  and mentor in photography Meg Daniel. She really push me to learn it, and kept telling me that I will love it and embrace it if I give it a chance. She was right as usual.

Thanks to the wonderful teaching of Brandon Johnson, Kelly Smith Campbell and Andrew Ross, I am able to produce my first piece that I am very proud of.


It has been a challenge to edit as I am a perfectionist. This is my 4th video, but the first one that I am proud of.

Video Documentary on Argentine Tango

Fun milonga at Piazza Italia

We were very grateful for Jason Laughlin to have as a guest Tomas Howlin and Karen Jaffe to come for teach the weekend workshop.

We all ended up having diner at Piazza Italia in Durham and enjoyed the performance and the wonderful tandas.

Here are photos of the night:

August_2013_Diner_Piazza_Italia_0001 August_2013_Diner_Piazza_Italia_0002 August_2013_Diner_Piazza_Italia_0007 August_2013_Diner_Piazza_Italia_0010 August_2013_Diner_Piazza_Italia_0017 August_2013_Diner_Piazza_Italia_0026 August_2013_Diner_Piazza_Italia_0041 August_2013_Milonga_Piazza_Italia_Tomas_0003 August_2013_Milonga_Piazza_Italia_Tomas_0011 August_2013_Milonga_Piazza_Italia_Tomas_0027 August_2013_Milonga_Piazza_Italia_Tomas_0043 August_2013_Milonga_Piazza_Italia_Tomas_0050 August_2013_Milonga_Piazza_Italia_Tomas_0112 August_2013_Milonga_Piazza_Italia_Tomas_0186 August_2013_Milonga_Piazza_Italia_Tomas_0240 August_2013_Milonga_Piazza_Italia_Tomas_0253 August_2013_Milonga_Piazza_Italia_Tomas_0270 August_2013_Milonga_Piazza_Italia_Tomas_0301 August_2013_Milonga_Piazza_Italia_Tomas_0307 August_2013_Milonga_Piazza_Italia_Tomas_0326 August_2013_Milonga_Piazza_Italia_Tomas_0336 August_2013_Milonga_Piazza_Italia_Tomas_0359 August_2013_Milonga_Piazza_Italia_Tomas_0362 August_2013_Piazza_Italia_iphone_0009 August_2013_Piazza_Italia_iphone_0010 August_2013_Piazza_Italia_iphone_0012 August_2013_Piazza_Italia_iphone_0015

Farewell Milonga Pichuqueando for Cecilia Pagani

Last night was a very special milonga to honor our good friend and beautiful milonguera, Cecilia Pagani,before she relocates to Atlanta, GA
We had the milonga at Piazza Italia and we had live music.

Maestro Julian Hasse was at the bandoneon and David Garcia was at the guitar  and the live music were compliments of Jason Laughlin, Cecilia’s dance partner.

Here are the photos of the evening.

Performance at Parizade

Such a fun weekend with performances at Parizade in Durham with Nick Jones and Diana Cruz.

The beauty of Italy

I am continuing going through photos. Today I choose the trip of Italy in 2009.

We flew to Rome, stayed there for 3 days then we rented a car and drove to Florence. From Florence we did a road trip to Lucca then went to Pisa. We stayed 2 days in Colle di Val d’Esta. John and I had the pleasure to teach a Tango class for the community there and  I Dj for a milonga there. From there we visited San Gimigiano, Sienna and finally we stayed in Montepulciano. Tuscany is so beautiful. I took so many photos there. Between food, wine, culture, languages, history, monuments, well you can imagine I was in Heaven!

Here some of my favorite of that trip. Enjoy!

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Milonga sur la Vilaine

The joy of traveling so much is that I get to go to so many different milongas.

While I was in Bretagne, there was a milonga organized on a boat on the Vilaine. What a beautiful scenery!

The boat left the port and went up and down the river. We had live music, and a performance!


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Argentine tango Performance at Parizade

We were performing for the first time since Maya was born at Parizade on Saturday night.

Cecil and Iryna started the night with a milonga, then John and I followed  with Osvaldo Pugliese. The 4 of us finished on Francisco Canaro.

It was so good to see how good my friend look after giving birth a month ago.

Non-tango friends Jeff and Stacey came to have dessert, coffee and watch us dance.

Jeff had my camera and took photos of us dancing. Thank you Jeff!

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