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Happy holidays from Katia S. Photography!


A walk at my favorite lake

I took long walks during this entire insanity snow weather. I went to my favorite place, my refuge…went to the lake.

Took photos and enjoyed the silence.


Snow days, school out, kids at play

Snow days, school canceled meant we were outside having a blast, sledding , making snowman. So many kids ended up at the house. We baked, we drank hot cocoa and we were cold, and wet and we had such a wonderful time!


There is something to be said about friends. I am grateful, and humbled to have the people I have, in my life. New friends, old friends, people there to help you when you need it the most.

There is this quote that I really like by Twyla Tharp:      “Art is the only way to run away without leaving home”

So today I went to the Duke Gardens and did some photos…it was my run away without leaving home. Jason then went golfing with Cecil and the girls, Iryna and I, we chilled out on the porch.

Here are some photos from this afternoon.


Mountain trip

Last weekend I went to the Mountains with my Russian, Polish, Malysian, Belarussian, German and French friends.

We all had a fun time, the girls loved it and impressed me with their hiking. We hiked trails at Mount Mitchell, where snow welcomed us.

It was nice to be in such a quiet place. No cell phone connection…it was good for me, it brings you back to reality. What is really important, who is important.

It was a weekend of hiking, snow storm, cooking, fun, getting lost on road, colorful trees, fun with girls, fun with friends, dancing tango in the house. A memorable weekend really, in many ways! 

The beauty of Italy

I am continuing going through photos. Today I choose the trip of Italy in 2009.

We flew to Rome, stayed there for 3 days then we rented a car and drove to Florence. From Florence we did a road trip to Lucca then went to Pisa. We stayed 2 days in Colle di Val d’Esta. John and I had the pleasure to teach a Tango class for the community there and  I Dj for a milonga there. From there we visited San Gimigiano, Sienna and finally we stayed in Montepulciano. Tuscany is so beautiful. I took so many photos there. Between food, wine, culture, languages, history, monuments, well you can imagine I was in Heaven!

Here some of my favorite of that trip. Enjoy!

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“The Ugly Truth of Depression” Documentary finished

The documentary “The Ugly Truth of Depression” is finished.

I can not thank enough the couple that let me document their lives.

I hope this documentary brings awareness to men that have depression, and courage to woman that lives with men affected by depression.

Durham Farmers Market at Central Park

Photos taken at sunrise at Durham Central Park on a early saturday morning


New Challenges

As I am writing this post I thought of titleing it “Discourage” but my positive attitude took over.

My son Jason and I are training for another triathlon and we have decided we needed to be better swimmers after our first triathlon. We both placed very well in our age range and we want to place better. For that we need to work our weakness: Swimming!

Well, Jason joined the Jordan high school swim team and has made remarkable progress and I have been training at the pool also.

Tonight was an humbling experience, Jason said to really get into a olympic triathlon, I needed to learn “freestyle”.

We went to my pool at Homestead tonight and he taught me breathing, and the freestyle stoke.

I warmed up and was feeling great. I have been swimming for the past month and half and have been building endurance.

After my 100 meters warm-up , we started by taking a board and kicking the feet for another 100 meters..that was tough in itself. It was hard to stay really straight.

Then the freestyle stoke killed me, really! I was barely able to take a breath every two strokes! I stopped twice in 50 meters, I swallow more water than I ever wanted!

After a 45 minutes workout , I was discouradge and thought I was crazy to want to take on this challenge! I actually told myself I was maybe too old for that…

Jason told me I needed to practice the same thing for the next three weeks…Don’t even want to think about doing this again tomorrow and yet I am sure you will found me at 5h30am at the Homestead Pool.

Those photos are photos of Jason at the first swim meet 2 weeks ago.


Jordan High School First Swim MeetJordan High School First Swim MeetJordan High School First Swim MeetJordan High School First Swim MeetNovember_2012_Swim_meet_0274Jordan High School First Swim MeetJordan High School First Swim MeetJordan High School First Swim Meet

Presqu’ile de la Caravelle, Martinique

The presqu’ile of la Caravelle in Martinique is located on the Atlantic side. It is beautiful with all the beaches and the natural mangrove swamps.

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