Published in Meadowmont Magazine

I just received my copy, my issue of January 2016, today of Meadowmont Living.

I had submitted photos of the beautiful homes in Meadowmont Comunity, the fall leaves on the Golf Course. They loved the photos and had asked me if they could as well published the poem I had written, that went along. I gave them the poem and here it is today, printed!

In the this issue I have, yet again, a 2 pages spread!

December_2015_Iphone_photos_Publication_0007 December_2015_Iphone_photos_Publication_0006


Silverspot: A Sophisticated elegant cinema in Chapel Hill

Trilogy restaurant and Silverspot Cinema in Chapel Hill!

Math Tutor

My middle daughter really struggles in Math. About 2 months ago I decided to hire a Math tutor for her to help her to succeed. It makes a big difference.

Every wednesday I drive her all the way from Kestrel Heights to this cool coffee shop call Johnny Gone Fishing in Carrboro where she meet with Cliff Chaffin for either an hour or an hour and half.  It is usually not worth it at this time of the day to come back home, so Chloe and  just hang out there. It makes Wednesdays a bit hectic for us, but Lara gets out so much out of it.

Cliff is an excellent tutor, check his website out:

Gift certificate for workshops or prints

Gift certificates are available for a specific amount of money or for an actual workshop.

Call me or order online at

Happy holidays from Katia S. Photography!

Invisible Earth…Paperhand puppet show at the Forest Theater

I took the kids to see the Paperhand pupett show at the outdoor beautiful Forest theater in Chapel Hill. It was magnificient.

Beautiful story of taking care of the Earth, beautiful live music and incredible show.

The kids loved it and so did I. I did not have my camera that night, I regretted it. Photos are taken with the Iphone.

The Patterson Mill Country Store, Chapel hill, North Carolina

I am trying to finish all work and projects here in the US before I leave in a week for France. I have so many lined up for the 7 weeks we will be there.

I just finished a short term project on this really old country store in Chapel hill, North Carolina.

The Patterson’s Mill Country Store is located in Chapel Hill, North Carolina. The actual address is 5109 on Farrington Road.

The Patterson Mill Country Store was built in 1973, and was modeled after the first and original Patterson and company store.

The current owners, storekeepers of the store are Curtis and Gail Booker.

The Patterson Mill is a part of the Leigh Farm. Leigh Farm is a 19th century plantation that is now owned by the City of Durham. It has been preserved as a Heritage Park.

Elsie Hudson Booker and John Booker built it in 1973. They built the store to have something that they can do together when they retire. Elsie was a pharmacist in the triangle for forty years. John was working at Liggett and Myers Tobacco Company also for forty years.

I was welcomed on the ground anytime I wanted to shoot. Go check it out next time you pass by!

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Rabbit and frog legs for dinner! Lapin aux pruneaux et Cuisses de grenouilles a l’ail

As Iryna’s mother will soon go back to Belarus, we want her to experience as much different food as she can!

This week one of my friend posted on her facebook account “Kill the wabbit”. Good french person that I am I  assumed she was talking about food!

After a long explanation, I realized that she was talking about “Warner Brothers”.

Well it made me want to eat rabbit! Here in Durham, it gets difficult to found it fresh. So I went to Cliff Meat Market in Chapel hill and bought not only rabbit, but also frogs legs.

I made my mother “Lapin aux pruneaux” and I made the frog legs with garlic butter. The cuisses de grenouille were so tender, and the rabbit delicious!

Of course the meal went on for hours, and a good “nespresso” coffee was at the end of the meal!

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First few days at UNC hospital, Chapel Hill, NC

The first few days were a bit of a roller coaster. Maya had to stay under lamps at UNC children hospital to get rid of a jaundice.

They gave her cool chick Alps ski googles ( the French woman in me came out:-).

She was so cute as she had to be fed by the spoon at a day old! She is already breaking all rules….

Parents and Maya are now safe back home!

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Maya Kadol 6 pounds and 15 oz

A mini Cecil was born at 6:52 Friday morning the 28 of April….

She is long, has the cutest asian eyes, and is loved by so many people already.

Stacey Godfrey thank you for being a part of this experience, it would not been the same without you!

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