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I took the girls to see a concert of World music last weekend we had them. We want them to know and feel confident that they are old enough, that they can dress up and go experience the world. They are after all 12 and 9.

I want them to learn to get dress up, to be excited to go out and experience things that will help them later on. They were blown away by the 80 + singers that joined the stage. I was so happy to see the Paco Band again, it was nice to share this event with them.  Chloe was happy that I got her to talk to the drum player of the band and got her programed signed.

And of course it was fun to watch the beautiful Iryna and handsome Cecil perform to Piazolla.  We had Maya sitting with us, between the girls and we had a pure blast!

Here are couple of bad photos from the iPhone.



Chloe’s Christmas Concert

Last week we went to Chloe’s second grade Christmas concert at Kestreil. Jason, Lara and Chloe’s friend were there to applaud her. She was of course the most beautiful:-)

She did so well, she was so cute! She sang beautifully and danced incredibly. What a treat!



Carmina Burana, Carl Orff

Carmina Burana translate to “Songs from Beuern” and is a collections of 254 poems written mostly in the 11th and 12th century in a melange of old French, Latin and German.

In 1803, the manuscript of texts was found in Bavaria in a Benedictine monastery.

In 1936, composer Carl Orff set some of the poems to music.

It is one of my favorite classical piece and I have been listening to it a lot lately.

As a music lover, I have been studying the lyrics lately. I actually have been learning the lyrics. So much power into singing into a foreign language.

The lyrics are a beautiful melange of love songs, morals songs, drinking songs and spiritual songs.

I have had the privilege to go and watch the Symphony perform it in Raleigh!

I wish I would of known they would not check for lenses in bag…I would brought a different lens!

It was a fantastic concert, and having looked at the translation in English and French made me love it even more!

Goran Bregovic at Page Auditorium

Bregović is both the catalyst and ringmaster for a musical spectacle unlike anything else on North American stages.” (San Francisco Chronicle)

From the Duke website:  “A flamboyant pan-Balkan bandleader and composer mounts a colossal concert in Page Auditorium. In a four-decade career that has weathered war in Yugoslavia and exile in Paris, Goran Bregović has become legendary for his spirited performances and evocative film scores — particularly Emir Kusturica’s Time of the Gypsies and Underground. Bregović with his enormous Wedding and Funeral Orchestra also owns the unlikely distinction of having once sparked a rambunctious dance party in the Lincoln Center’s Avery Fisher Hall. With Bregović and his core ensemble flanked by a Bulgarian choir and a Gypsy brass band, the music is as large-hearted and miscellaneous as the Balkans themselves. The raptures of dancing and mourning combine in this exclusive Southeastern concert from the icon that indie-pop star Beirut dubbed his favorite musician ever” (ć)

Let me tell you, I was lucky and fortunate to have wonderful friends who gave me tickets as my birthday present. Thank you !

I love how drastic and emotional the concert was. No intermission, playing for 2 and half hours non-stop. I loved the fact that Goran feed off the energy of the crowd. Beautiful music, especially the “sexy trumpet”

He played off the contrast between “the happy wedding” and “the gloomy funeral , almost opera like at times. The crowd responded respectfully to perfect silence in the funeral time and happy dancing, screaming at wedding times.

A mesmerizing concert who still hunt me this afternoon.

Enjoy the photos!

Pour mon anniversaire, mes amis mon offert une place de concert pour Goran Bregovic. Un spectacle musical incroyable.

Il y avais un orchestre de funerailles et un de mariage. L’ensemble etait magnifique. Le concert etait dramatique et tres emotionnel. Sans intermission, le groupe a jouer pendant 2 heures et demi. L’energy du concert etais spectaculaire. La trompette etait d’un sexy!

Voici les photos que j’ais pu faire au concert!

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