Chef Isaiah Allen


Cooking is therapy

I realized when I need to feel better, I end up in the kitchen making a quiche. It is my go to recipe to make me totally unaware of anything in my life. No more thinking, something that I do quite a bit.

I got into my “cat in the hat” comfortable clothes and made the dough, that is my favorite part. Francis Cabrel and Jean Jeaques Goldman were my serenaders.

Jason came in the kitchen and took the photos of me.


My son joined the swim team at Jordan High School, we are  both training for another triathlon, so we thought he would get his training with the team and will learn how to be better, and faster. He is my coach through this next triathlon phase so the goal is for him to learn and then teach me.

The team meets at 4;50 am. We leave the house at 4;30. I get up at 4;15 now every morning…..

I don’t really conceive getting up early even to take an early flight…

I drop him at the pool, then go all the way to my pool in Homestead to swim. He gets a ride from the pool to the school so I do not have to go back to pick him up.

Today, he is out of school because of voting day, however he still had practice. I dropped him at the pool at 4;50am then had to go back pick him up at 6;30am.

We then picked up my youngest daughter and went to vote. I took Chloe to school and when I came back home, my house was smelling so good. I got in the kitchen and saw my son, listening to music, cooking eggs for breakfast.

He said: “You want breakfast?, I made you eggs. That is at least what I can do for you to get up so early every morning to take me to the pool”

I loved it. It was not about the breakfast, it was the fact that he could of gone back to bed and sleep. Yet he made a choice to show how grateful he was.

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Rabbit and frog legs for dinner! Lapin aux pruneaux et Cuisses de grenouilles a l’ail

As Iryna’s mother will soon go back to Belarus, we want her to experience as much different food as she can!

This week one of my friend posted on her facebook account “Kill the wabbit”. Good french person that I am I  assumed she was talking about food!

After a long explanation, I realized that she was talking about “Warner Brothers”.

Well it made me want to eat rabbit! Here in Durham, it gets difficult to found it fresh. So I went to Cliff Meat Market in Chapel hill and bought not only rabbit, but also frogs legs.

I made my mother “Lapin aux pruneaux” and I made the frog legs with garlic butter. The cuisses de grenouille were so tender, and the rabbit delicious!

Of course the meal went on for hours, and a good “nespresso” coffee was at the end of the meal!

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Les Marais Salants de Saint-Armel

A little bit nostalgic this afternoon for home. I think the weather is reminding me of Bretagne.

While I was there this summer with my children we focused on history. We did so many historical visits. I took my kids to some very interesting journeys like  how French people make” Fleur de Sel”.

My house is around the corner from the Marais Salants. We went to the protected reserved for birds who also at the same site.

My kids loved it. We harvested our own “Gros Sel” and we brought it back to the US.

Un peu nostalgique cet apres-midi…ma Bretagne me manque! Je crois que c’est le temps pluvieux de ce matin.

Cet ete lors de mes vacances avec les enfants, nous avons parcouru l’histoire. Nous avons visite des sites historiques.

Nous sommes alles voir les marais salants de Saint Armel, qui est un site protege.

Mes enfants ont adores. Nous avons ramasse notre Gros sel et nous l’avons ramene au Etats-Unis

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