Photo and Quote: France

I took this photo in the village of Sarlat-La-Canedat in the region of Dordogne in France.

Incredible region that I was visiting to expand my knowledge for the Foie Gras, the walnut oil, and the Prehistorical caves.



The Château de Castelnaud, Dordogne, France

The Château de Castelnaud, was officially listed as an Historic Site in 1966, stands high over the Dordogne valley,. It has  magnificent views of the châteaux de Beynac and  the medieval village of La Roque-Gageac.

We had a pique-nique there….it was super!

Beautiful and full of history!

Village of Beynac, France

Beynac-et-Cazenac is situated about 10 kilometres of the southwest of Sarlat, on of the Dordogne river.

Beynac as a Castle that is very  imposing, and that was once besieged by Richard Au Coeur de Lion.

Gorgeous place!

Sarlat, Perigord

Sarlat, is the capital of the Perigord and it is located in the heart of a forest. It is a town on the Valley of the Dordogne river.

Sarlat is a very high architectural quality. It is a very medieval town and has a lot of very large, and little sunny squares, It is very lively on market days.
Since 1928, the cinema producers have found this authentic surroundings good for historical movies.

Sarlat is a very  charming medieval city with some Occitan overtones.

It was absolutely picturesque.



La Roque Gageac, classe plus beau village de France.

The village of La Roque Gageac is classified one of the most beautiful villages of France.

What a beautiful place.

At the time of the Moyen Age, this village had about 1500 people. The castle is still so high. In 1957 a piece of the rock fell on the village.

The fort troglodytique is not accessible anymore as the danger of it falling is getting higher and higher.

It was a pleasure to take photos there. The village is really on the Dordogne river.

Credit of photos:

My son is becoming this incredible photographer .I am getting more and more comfortable with him taking photos of me, it is easy to be a front of the camera with him. He has been an incredible company and so much fun to be around. All photos of me , all photos where I appear since the beginning of the vacation need to be credited to him. He is becoming such a great young man!


Hotel Chateau de la Treyne on the Dordogne River

I was very lucky and very grateful to be able to spend some time in this beautiful castle. The gardens are amazing, the restaurant is incredible…the company was fantastic.

I also was for once on the other side of the camera, that was a little bit different but I had an excellent photographer that put me at ease.

What a great place to stay. It is located right on the Dordogne river. The view is stunning.

Rocamadour, France

First full day in Dordogne. What a beautiful region of France. Region of the Fois gras de Canard, truffles, walnut oil, and so many more things.

We went to the town of Rocamadour today.  What a beautiful town.

Rocamadour is a very interesting town that is situated in a gorge above a tributary of the Dordogne River. It is very well known for its historical monuments and its sanctuary of the Virgin Mary. The town has for centuries attracted many pilgrims from every country, among them kings, bishops, and nobles.

We went all the way to the top of the town where we did the Chemin de Croix “Way of the cross”.

What a beautiful place. It was good to be able to walk around with my camera wherever I wanted!

Arrivee en Dordogne

Arrival in Dordogne

We landed in Paris today Sunday. My parents were there to pick us up. We went directly to the direction of South of France, in the Midi Pyrenees, in the Lot department, all along the Dordogne River.

We had rented a farmhouse in Saint Julien de Lanpon, on the river.

I have been many times to the South of France, but mostly in Saint Tropez, Saint Raphael, Cote D’Azur, Monaco, but never on this South West side. I was not ready for this gorgeous peaceful place. The road to get there was so beautiful, the falaises, the littoral, and the river was pheeric.

Went we arrived to the farmhouse, it was even more that was expecting. It was so incredibly quiet and in the middle of nowhere at 25 kilometers of everything I wanted to visit. The farmhouse is old, made in stones, with an old fireplace. It is full of history, it is simple yet so beautiful. There are donkeys across the house.

We made diner, eat outside, and then Jason and I went on a run. What a view, we can see miles and miles away.

This is a perfect place for a continuing journey to peace, and reflection.