Published again.

I received my hard copy of the magazine today in the mail!

Happy to have been published again. 2 pages spread of photos. Working hard non-stop pays off.


Fun time bowling

Last weekend on Friday, I received a text from a friend saying ” Last minute bowling party”.

We had a dinner with the kids and friends in Raleigh already planned, but on our way back we told the girls we had a surprise…

We stopped at the bowling alley and we danced, sang, bowled, missed, and had a great time!

Fun to get together with tango friends for non-tango. We built relationship not just based on dancing. Loved it and so did the kids! Bad iPhone photos!

Christmas parade in Parkwood, Durham

I hate to say but I was happy that it rained the original day the parade was suppose to be on….

I always took the kids there, and this year because of the rain the parade was delayed one week and it was a gorgeous sunny Sunday, and when I had the girls.

Jason and Millie came with us and we had a wonderful time sitting on the side of the road, watching the entire parade and then going to see and sit on Santa Claus lap.

International Festival for Lara at Kestreil Height

Chloe, Lara and I made it to Kestreil at 5;15 pm. Patrick meet us there after Lara called him several times to ask if he could bring a table cloth, then if he could help her since her board was not a stand up board. He made a stand for her at the last minute and had it at school by 5;30!  She was so grateful.

While Lara presented her Cote d’Ivoire country, Jason, Chloe, Patrick and I went to pretty much every single country represented! We laughed so much. It is wonderful to spend time with these middle school kids and ask them questions about the country they did there project on.

Lara earned 50 extra points for going last night and we had fun learning about countries.

I actually learned that Marie Curie was not French last night and I did not know that.

Anyway another great family event while we have the girls on weekend.

Downtown Durham with my parents and the girls

After we left the brunch milonga yesterday we went to the trails to get in a hike for us and a ride on the mountain bike for Patrick. The trails were closed so we all decided to take the girls and my parents to the charity trees in Downtown Durham. I have taken the girls every year, and since I did not have them the weekend of the Celebration of light on the Tobacco district, they had missed it.

My parents loved it, we looked and still chose our favorite charity tree , we then hangout and watch the skaters at the Ice-rink. My mom and Lara sat next to the fire watch Patrick and Chloe played chess and my dad and I played checkers. We had a blast!

We came home and made breakfast for dinner. We divided and conquer at the grocery store, then made homemade home fries, and waffles!

Loved it!

Gift certificate for workshops or prints

Gift certificates are available for a specific amount of money or for an actual workshop.

Call me or order online at

Happy holidays from Katia S. Photography!

A walk at my favorite lake

I took long walks during this entire insanity snow weather. I went to my favorite place, my refuge…went to the lake.

Took photos and enjoyed the silence.


Snow days, school out, kids at play

Snow days, school canceled meant we were outside having a blast, sledding , making snowman. So many kids ended up at the house. We baked, we drank hot cocoa and we were cold, and wet and we had such a wonderful time!

Documentary on Gun Laws

I tackle a very interesting documentary couple of month ago. I just finished editing it.

I wanted to tackle the warfare here in the US with the guns law right now.

I did a series on portrait with people who were for:  guns, against guns, for gun ownership but against the government taking the rights of owning one away. And I including people who worked with mentally ill patients, I also have one person that  owned guns as a heirloom, but is agains them.

Mental health is a very big problem in this issue and too often forgotten.

I conducted first an interview with these people and then decided how I was going to photograph them. Fascinating what can come out of an interview. Some of the ideas I had before the interview changed completely after the interview.

I have learned so much from each side. I also felt like I was somewhat very opinionated on the issue and was afraid it was going to get on the way. I had a friend take me to the shooting range for me to be able to have a clear mind on both side.


Here are some of the portraits that I have done.