Home west home to me. Where I was born, where I always seem to go back on each trip.

I had such a tight schedule that day, but still manage to go walk around on my old playground : The Castle and take photos .

Fougeres is a city full of charm, character and beauty!


I left Washington Dc ( Dulles airport) on a Friday evening , and landed at Heathrow Airport on Saturday morning. From Heathrow I went directly to my hotel in Victoria, via bus. I took a quick shower and started my journey through the city, walking it!

Buckingham Palace, Big Ben, Westminster Abbey, St Paul, London Bridge and then Tower Bridge. I walked so many miles, took so many photos! I was so exhausted by the time I was back at the hotel that evening, that I skipped dinner and went directly to bed.



Le Sacre Coeur

This place has been my favorite place since a little girl! A month ago I was lucky enough to go back. The view is always as majestic as I remember!

Listening to “Billie Holiday” this morning and happy working, editing. June_2015_Montmartre_Sacre_coeur_0214 copy


Editing photos from France and England.

I spent all day wondering, how will I edit my photos, from my recent trip to England and France? How does one go back through each photo?

I think,  sometimes this is where I feel like I do have a gift, I tell stories with photos and not words.

So here is my first photo!

Here is my first photo from Noirmoutier….I can still smell the salt.

May_2015_Noirmoutier_0152 copy





La Rochelle

So hard to start editing after a long trip. I never know where to start….I remember taking this photo and wanted to see how it had come out.

It was a private propriety on the ocean. It leads to a cabin for fishermen. Very interesting door, very conceptual of Heaven door, or Hell door. Happy how the photo came out. This photo is not photoshop as usual

More photos on Stock company

Happy to have more photos accepted.

It is good timing as I am trying to finish all the editing and trying to submit all photos before I leave out of the country.

I am leaving to go see my family and more specifically my grandmother. She has been in the hospital….

Flights at the last minutes are so expensive, so we are taking a detour through London.

We are flying through London, staying there a full day and then flying to Paris. When we arrive in Paris we will take the TGV to go directly to Vannes where my parents will pick us up.

I had a small window of time, as I wanted to attend all my kids performance, end of school dance, and concert. I also have to be back for my son graduation. It will be a short trip, but very needed one.

Of course there are so many photos I have in mind to take while I am there. It will just be good to be home! I have not been there in over 2 years…