Photo and Quote: France

I took this photo in the village of Sarlat-La-Canedat in the region of Dordogne in France.

Incredible region that I was visiting to expand my knowledge for the Foie Gras, the walnut oil, and the Prehistorical caves.



Traditional Christmas Eve Diner

Last night, I had my traditional Christmas Eve diner.

Everybody was there by 6.30pm. Guys are used to the tradition, and came prepare with their knives, appron, gloves and even outfit to open the oysters. This year they were cold out there! A typical Ty’punch from Martinique was serve to them to warm them up!

Women were in the kitchen to prepare the traditional tartines with Rillettes de Maqueraux  for the aperitif that was homemade by my parents.

We then had our oysters with a Muscadet Sur Lie, then the Fois Gras  with a Sauternes.

The Confit and the Magret de Canard was delicious, and served with Mushrooms in a mustard and creme sauce, a Gratin Dauphinois, Baby bok choy with ginger and garlic.

The Buches de Noel from La Maison Sucree.were to die for as usual.

It was an evening of laugh, joy, family and friends getting together, kids were enjoying their times. It was another memorable evening.