Chef Isaiah Allen

Hidden Gem Culinary Spot: Youssef 242, Hickory

Le Sacre Coeur

This place has been my favorite place since a little girl! A month ago I was lucky enough to go back. The view is always as majestic as I remember!

Listening to “Billie Holiday” this morning and happy working, editing. June_2015_Montmartre_Sacre_coeur_0214 copy


Rue Cler

On Saturday night, we had decided to take Lara out to a nice restaurant. I never have her by myself. She truly is the middle child. I wanted to take her somewhere nice however I had a tiny budget. I decided to take her to Rue Cler. I knew that she would take the moules frites. ( 12 dollars). We order a side of half dozen beignets, and Lara and I ordered the moules frites. Great fun, fancy place, small price and she felt so special!

Mission accomplished. One more time it shows that quality time, experience is more important than anything else!

The C.I.A

I gave birth, almost 18 years ago now, to this incredible son of mine, in Rhinebeck, NY.

I lived in Rhinebeck, a historical town next to the famous Culinary school called the C. ( culinary) I. ( institute) of A. America.

I loved the campus there, the beautiful view of the Hudson River and of course the restaurants. I tutored couple of culinary students that needed helped in French classes.

When I learned many years ago that they were opening a C.I.A school in Napa, I voiced my wish to go there, as I love food, can cook fairly well and I love wine.

My wish came true, many years later. I was able to go there, on the campus, during my trip to California. There was a wedding happening there. I had time to go around campus, visited inside the school , and of course I took many photos there. Saint Helena was simply incredible and well worth the wait!




Diner: Moules Frites

Had a wonderful day today with the kids. Stopped by to buy some mussels and was going to make Moules Frites for diner. Love when I have all the kids together under one roof. A simple pleasure…yet one that I am grateful for all the time!

We had a fabulous time! Felt like home.

Lara’s first cooking lesson

Lara has many friends that have been cooking making their own stuff in the kitchen. She had ask to cook before.

Photos are just simple Iphone photos as I was more concentrating on her than on photography for this event. This was all about her, and not about anything else.

She today had her first cooking lesson and she chose to make banana bread. We had music going: Cloud 9, Miley Cyrus, Frozen soundtrack….it was the Chef’s choice of music!

She made the banana bread from scratch, took notes, and was the most incredible student.

She cut herself for the first time with the knife, she learned how to use the kitchen aid and she got to licked the bowl…and she learned how to clean up afterwards!

This was I assure you the best banana bread I ever ate! She was so proud of herself, she learned the cup, teaspoons, and how to properly butter the bottom of the pan.

It was just her and I in the kitchen, we had a blast!