Le Port du Crouesty

One of my most memorable memories are from this little town in Brittany. Le Port du Crouesty is a charming Port where a lot of people come for Thalassotherapy. The salt water, the rocks on the bordure of the ocean, and the wind makes it a place that you will never forget.

Le Port du Crouesty est un des endroit pittoresque du Sud de la Bretagne. Avec la Thalassotherapy de Louison Bobet en forme de yatch qui acceuille les joueurs de football de l’Equipe de France tous les etes, les ballades sur le sillon, les animations sur le port, il n’y as pas a s’ennuyer!

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Les Marais Salants de Saint-Armel

A little bit nostalgic this afternoon for home. I think the weather is reminding me of Bretagne.

While I was there this summer with my children we focused on history. We did so many historical visits. I took my kids to some very interesting journeys like  how French people make” Fleur de Sel”.

My house is around the corner from the Marais Salants. We went to the protected reserved for birds who also at the same site.

My kids loved it. We harvested our own “Gros Sel” and we brought it back to the US.

Un peu nostalgique cet apres-midi…ma Bretagne me manque! Je crois que c’est le temps pluvieux de ce matin.

Cet ete lors de mes vacances avec les enfants, nous avons parcouru l’histoire. Nous avons visite des sites historiques.

Nous sommes alles voir les marais salants de Saint Armel, qui est un site protege.

Mes enfants ont adores. Nous avons ramasse notre Gros sel et nous l’avons ramene au Etats-Unis

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By the pool she was waiting…

I chose Karen as a model for this assignment. When you see her entering the room, there is something who draws you to her. She is  beautiful  and elegant. Her posture is making her so much taller than she really is.

In one word, she has the something that nobody can buy, no matter how much money you have. She has class!

I did this shot by the pool, brought a table , chairs, bottle of champagne and glasses. I used the D1 Light Kit, with a reflector.

I will use this set of photos for an ad for public services I have due for Editorial Photography.


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Welcome to Katia Singletary Art and Photography world

This blog is the place for you to see my work!

This blog will not be the best grammatical, vocabulary English language blog, that is for sure. English is not my first language and my intention is not to provide you with a perfect word. This blog will keep you updated with everything happening in my photography world. You will get to experience where  and when I will be challenged in my field. This is the place where you will found out about the in and out of my photography world. You will get to know the fun and sometimes maybe the frustration of a photographer. I will most likely post at least once a week, give or take. I hope you will become a follower of this blog and that we will get to share many events, explore different culture through a different media than writing. This blog will be a visual media, so remember do not be to harsh on my English.Make sure you visit my website at http://www.katiasingletaryandartandphotography.com and my portfolio at http://katiasingletary.photoshelter.com/

Welcome to Katia Singletary Art and Photography blog!