Sarlat, Perigord

Sarlat, is the capital of the Perigord and it is located in the heart of a forest. It is a town on the Valley of the Dordogne river.

Sarlat is a very high architectural quality. It is a very medieval town and has a lot of very large, and little sunny squares, It is very lively on market days.
Since 1928, the cinema producers have found this authentic surroundings good for historical movies.

Sarlat is a very  charming medieval city with some Occitan overtones.

It was absolutely picturesque.



Dance Theatre South recital at the Carolina Theater

The recital was really good. It was very well organized, very appropriate, and fun to watch.

I had taken my camera,  my long lense 70/200 1:2.8 and 4 CF cards of  32 GB in case I was really inspire to shoot there.

Well I was inspired, I actually filled almost all of them!

Of course the photojournalist in me came out even at the dance recital of my kids.

I had a blast taking so many photos, the colors of the background were amazing, and the dancers were really good!

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Great young men and lifelong friends

In the 3rd grade, my son Jason made a new friend, Victor .

The 2 of them have been great friends since and have develop a life long friendship. Victor has been a part of my family for so many years.

Boys growing up and having fun! What I am saying?? Young men having fun!!!

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Downtown Durham

I went to walked around downtown Durham yesterday with 2 of my photographer friends. So many interesting buildings, places, restaurants, churches.

I saw a tiny park with a bench behind a church where I could imagine myself hiding from the world!

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