Photo and Quote: France

I took this photo in the village of Sarlat-La-Canedat in the region of Dordogne in France.

Incredible region that I was visiting to expand my knowledge for the Foie Gras, the walnut oil, and the Prehistorical caves.



Sarlat, Perigord

Sarlat, is the capital of the Perigord and it is located in the heart of a forest. It is a town on the Valley of the Dordogne river.

Sarlat is a very high architectural quality. It is a very medieval town and has a lot of very large, and little sunny squares, It is very lively on market days.
Since 1928, the cinema producers have found this authentic surroundings good for historical movies.

Sarlat is a very  charming medieval city with some Occitan overtones.

It was absolutely picturesque.



La France cet ete… France this summer

There are so many things I am grateful for. One of them is my trip during the summer back home.

I am leaving with the children on June 15, it will come fast with all the end of school activities. We are coming back on July the 23rd.

During our stay there, we will take one trip together with my parents and head to the South of France. It will be a wonderful photographic journey.

We will leave from Paris June 16 and visitéda, then we will take the time to do the little Villages around like Rocamadour:, then we will stop by We will visit le Gouffre de Padirac et les grottes de Lascaux where the prehistorics drawings are:

Of course Bergerac, is on the way back, it is one of my favorite wine…

This nice weather that we have right now makes me long for the aperitifs outside, the time to have meals outside, time to have friends over.

I will also take a trip to Paris by myself and enjoy photographing the city 23/06 au vendredi 28/06. After that it is friends and kids, and beach, and home:-)

Going to Saint-Malo, Brittany, France

So I will be very quiet about the fact that those photos were taken while driving, more specifically while I was driving, window open, camera out, shoot and pray it will be a good shot!

I was on my way to Saint-Malo with my kids, and we took the road by the ocean. We passed the Vivier-sur-Mer and so many little coast town. It was gorgeous.
The water was so clear, the horses on the beach, the view of Saint-Malo in the background…

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French Countryside/ Paysage de Normandie

It is funny, I am getting so much more introverted, and yet it seems like I am a magnet for people coming to talk to me all the time!

I get extroverted with people who I really know, when I feel like I can be myself.

When in France,I saw so many little villages where I wanted to move to when I retire. So many places where I can hide with my computer and my camera, where nobody know who I am, or where to found me.

So many of these little villages, these roads were enchanting…

In one of these little villages, about 7km of the Normandy beaches, one can stay in a room at the “Hara de Tierceville”.

What a beautiful place it was! I will stay there next time I go.

I could have drove hours and hours with this scenery! I never get tired of it.

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