Rabbit and frog legs for dinner! Lapin aux pruneaux et Cuisses de grenouilles a l’ail

As Iryna’s mother will soon go back to Belarus, we want her to experience as much different food as she can!

This week one of my friend posted on her facebook account “Kill the wabbit”. Good french person that I am I ¬†assumed she was talking about food!

After a long explanation, I realized that she was talking about “Warner Brothers”.

Well it made me want to eat rabbit! Here in Durham, it gets difficult to found it fresh. So I went to Cliff Meat Market in Chapel hill and bought not only rabbit, but also frogs legs.

I made my mother “Lapin aux pruneaux” and I made the frog legs with garlic butter. The cuisses de grenouille were so tender, and the rabbit delicious!

Of course the meal went on for hours, and a good “nespresso” coffee was at the end of the meal!

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