My son joined the swim team at Jordan High School, we are  both training for another triathlon, so we thought he would get his training with the team and will learn how to be better, and faster. He is my coach through this next triathlon phase so the goal is for him to learn and then teach me.

The team meets at 4;50 am. We leave the house at 4;30. I get up at 4;15 now every morning…..

I don’t really conceive getting up early even to take an early flight…

I drop him at the pool, then go all the way to my pool in Homestead to swim. He gets a ride from the pool to the school so I do not have to go back to pick him up.

Today, he is out of school because of voting day, however he still had practice. I dropped him at the pool at 4;50am then had to go back pick him up at 6;30am.

We then picked up my youngest daughter and went to vote. I took Chloe to school and when I came back home, my house was smelling so good. I got in the kitchen and saw my son, listening to music, cooking eggs for breakfast.

He said: “You want breakfast?, I made you eggs. That is at least what I can do for you to get up so early every morning to take me to the pool”

I loved it. It was not about the breakfast, it was the fact that he could of gone back to bed and sleep. Yet he made a choice to show how grateful he was.

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