Farewell Milonga Pichuqueando for Cecilia Pagani

Last night was a very special milonga to honor our good friend and beautiful milonguera, Cecilia Pagani,before she relocates to Atlanta, GA
We had the milonga at Piazza Italia and we had live music.

Maestro Julian Hasse was at the bandoneon and David Garcia was at the guitar ¬†and the live music were compliments of Jason Laughlin, Cecilia’s dance partner.


Here are the photos of the evening.


My Teenager, my son

I know as a parent I should have this “I hate the teenager phase”. I really don’t! I love it.

I love hanguing out with my son, and he loves hanguing out with us. We travel everywhere with him, he is such a wonderful world traveler. He is fun to be around and the thought that in few years he will be gone is making me cherish even more the time I have with him.

Here is a photo shoot we did last week!

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Je sais que en tant que parent je devrais avoir l’attitute “j’ais horreur des teeanagers” Et bien non. J’adore!

J’adore passer du temps avec mon fils, et il aime passer son temps avec nous. Nous voyageons partout avec lui et a l’idee que dans quelques annees il ne sera plus a la maison fait que je cherisse ces moments precieux.

Voila un photo shoot que nous avons fait la semaine derniere!