Dance Theatre South recital at the Carolina Theater

The recital was really good. It was very well organized, very appropriate, and fun to watch.

I had taken my camera,  my long lense 70/200 1:2.8 and 4 CF cards of  32 GB in case I was really inspire to shoot there.

Well I was inspired, I actually filled almost all of them!

Of course the photojournalist in me came out even at the dance recital of my kids.

I had a blast taking so many photos, the colors of the background were amazing, and the dancers were really good!

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Hip Hop Dancing

My middle daughter, Lara, 9 years old, had ask if she could take hip hop dance classes at the beginning of the school year. We signed her up at Dance Theater South in Durham and here she was dancing away.

She is good, really good!

Tonight she had a 2 songs performance to show the parents the progress they made. I was actually blown away.

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Lara, 9 ans nous a demande si elle pouvait prendre des cours de dance Hop hop au debut de l’annee scholaire. Elle est super  bonne.

Ce soir elle a eu une performance …elle as ete geniale!