The Magical Eiffel Tower

The magical Eiffel Tower



Enjoying editing photos from my trip last month. Wow! How much fun it was reconnecting with my family, my friends, and seeing some of the country with my parents.

Paris…so excited I got to spend 2 days there. My parents had bought tickets for me to go see the spectacle at the Moulin Rouge. I was able to meet with my best friends Olivier and Stephanie for a nice meal , after we walked around and went to the Sacre Coeur.

My parents had also bought tickets to the boat ride on the Seine River. I am a lucky girl, and appreciated all of it! So grateful to have them in my life.

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Le Chateau de Suscino, Chateau fort de Bretagne.

In 1218, the castle of Suscino was getting started to be built. It was used by the Bretons Dukes for years until it’s abandonment.

It was bought back by the State of Morbihan who decided to restore it. They have done a great job doing it so.

The Castle has six tours, and a donjon. It face the ocean and the site is just breathtaking.

I asked my favorite guide (my dad) to take me there. I wanted to be there at sunset, after this afternoon of powerful rain. I knew the sky if it would stop to rain would give me the prettiest colors.

We went there not knowing the weather, and were rewarded by one of the most beautiful sunset I had seen in a long time!

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J’ais demander a mon guide prefere (Mon petit papa) de m’emmener au Chateau de Sucnino. Je voulais etre las bas au coucher su soleil.Le chateau a ete construit en 1218. Il a ete utilise par les Ducs de Bretagne pendant des annees avant d’etre abandonne.

Le chateau a ete rachete par l’Etat du Morbihan avant d’etre restore.┬áLe chateau a 6 tours et un donjon et est juste en face de l’ocean.