Beach trip

I did not take my camera this time. All photos were just with the iphone.

I had a wonderful weekend at the beach this weekend at my friends Doris and Jack.

We went boating, had a house milonga, a workshop, went to have a donut at the famous place Britt’s in Carolina Beach, walked on the boardwalk, collected shells on the island, ate the famous crabs for diner (and breakfast) and went Kayaking.

Jack took his trumpet and Doris her ukulele, and my girls attended, through Skype ,from France, the mini concert the both of them did for us . They sat next to me on the coach and enjoyed the music.

Another fun weekend!



Shoot in Downtown Durham

On a cold night of February, I went to shoot Downtown Durham. 

I have been so busy  lately, it was nice to have time to go and shoot. It was a last minute decision on Tuesday night, I called my photographer friend Jim , we have talked about going to shoot together for couple of years now and never had time. We took an hour and half with our cameras walking in downtown.

Here are the photos:

A walk at my favorite lake

I took long walks during this entire insanity snow weather. I went to my favorite place, my refuge…went to the lake.

Took photos and enjoyed the silence.


L’innocence d’un enfant

There is a certain beauty to see a child being a child.

Chloe was outside today and she closed her eyes and was feeling the snow coming down on her face. I had the camera on hand, and looked at her for a long moment to enjoy the no worry, no care of my child. Then of course I had to capture this moment, I wanted to feel inside my heart for a long time..

It was beautiful, innocent. Catching the snow in her mouth, her eyes closes, the flakes on her eyelashes….I stood there, watching her, and wondering if as an adult we can ever experience this peace…

Here is my beautiful Chloe.

This Christmas party has become a tradition

Every year for Christmas Yemi and her parents through this fabulous party.

My parents come from overseas and plan their trip to be able to make this party.

We sing Carols. We get to be serenaded at the piano by Yemi, serenaded by Yemi’s daughter at the harp. This year Jack brought his trumpet and my gosh what a treat !It was so wonderful.

We re-did the 12 days of Christmas…we were all entertained that is for sure.

Great friends, laughter, families in town, kids, food and most of all love.


My Parents

For the both of them it is their second marriage. They have been married for 32 years ( I think). Being on vacation with them was a good example of what a healthy marriage/relationship should be.

Every morning my dad over the 10 days of vacations would wake up, and say good morning to both my mom and I. At breakfast he would get up, get his coffee, set it on the table and go kiss my mom with a ” Bonjour ma cherie” .

During visiting Athenes, Santorini, he would take my mom’s hand, or put his arms around her shoulders. Not by obligations, but in such a natural way. Every night he would get up from the bed in the hotel, and go get a piece of dark chocolate for himself and ask ” Tu veux une tisane ma cherie?” and he would make her a tea.

He was taking so many photos of her , and on the same time of me. He told me : this is normal Katia, this is how it should be.

They both joke so much, laugh all times, don’t take themselves seriously.

And then the night before we left Athenes we were talking about many things as we are inside a restaurant and my dad gave this speech that actually made me and my mom cry.

He gave his declaration of love right there, and why he loved my mom, and what love was suppose to be, or not to be. It was the most beautiful thing he ever said, and if you knew my dad you would know he is not the kind of kind to say this kind of things very easily.  I can count on my hand the times I heard him say I love you.

That was the most beautiful speech I had ever heard. Wish I had record it. At then end ,both my mom and I in tears crying in this restaurant, my mom said…I never knew you felt that way, still , after all these years.

Anyway here are the photos I took of them together.

They have show me what is love, and are a perfect example of why it last. They both give to each other. There is not just one that inspire the other…they both inspire each other. They both challenge each other still. They both lift each other up. It is both way, it goes both ways. They both have been very sucessful and still together because they always had each others back and pushed each other further. That is why they respect each other.  They are truly an example!

The Acropolis of Athens, Greece

I can’t found the words to express what walking into this ancient place what I felt. Knowing that so many have been here…

The Acropolis of Athens is one of the most ancient citadelle. It is  all the way on a high rocky hill above the city of Athens.

The Acropolis is made of  several ancient buildings ( only ruins)

The Site is an incredible architectural place and very rich in historic significance.

Of course the most famous building in the Acropolis is the Parthenon.

It was a pleasure to take photos there, really.

Pre-New Year eve party

We had a small group gathering to eat before we went to the New Year Eve milonga.

My parents, my son and I meet at Iryna’s and Cecil’s for a small appetizer/ diner. We ended up setting ourselves up for an incredible evening.

Guitar playing, singing, and family and making new friends.

This evening was incredible.

Sometimes it is about being in the moment…

I was grateful and happy to have the privilege to celebrate the Russian Christmas last Tuesday night. It was the perfect number of people, we had our 12 dishes. Sasha made an incredible duck for us, Katya made wonderful food, Perle brought some financiers, Iryna made the crostinis, and we had Misha with his guitar, and his wife and Katya with the voices….

Poetry book from 1917, cup filled of water, dirt, sugar, pennies to do the traditional fortune readings.

That night was memorable for so many instances, so many ways. I felt like it was a therapeutic night. Misha started to play the guitar, his wife and Katya were singing, then lyrics of french songs were read on the background. I will never listen to “Je suis malade” and L’ete Indien the same way… It was like I was in a movie, sitting with artsy Europeans there. Listening to Misha playing was reliving the time with my own family, with “Tonton Daniel”…

It was great to see Cecil take the guitar and play the house of the Rising sun..

You know you are with the right kind of people when we were smelling the pages of this old Russian book , enjoying great food, great company and good wine.

It was on my way home that I had realized, I have an incredible circle of friends.

Traditional Christmas Eve Diner

Last night, I had my traditional Christmas Eve diner.

Everybody was there by 6.30pm. Guys are used to the tradition, and came prepare with their knives, appron, gloves and even outfit to open the oysters. This year they were cold out there! A typical Ty’punch from Martinique was serve to them to warm them up!

Women were in the kitchen to prepare the traditional tartines with Rillettes de Maqueraux  for the aperitif that was homemade by my parents.

We then had our oysters with a Muscadet Sur Lie, then the Fois Gras  with a Sauternes.

The Confit and the Magret de Canard was delicious, and served with Mushrooms in a mustard and creme sauce, a Gratin Dauphinois, Baby bok choy with ginger and garlic.

The Buches de Noel from La Maison Sucree.were to die for as usual.

It was an evening of laugh, joy, family and friends getting together, kids were enjoying their times. It was another memorable evening.