A French Dinner at Saint-Jacques at The Burke Manor Inn.



Girls brunch

I wanted to have couple of friends over for brunch on Sunday on a weekend when I had the girls. I believe they need to learn how to host, prepare and how get ready when we have a party. Chloe, Lara and I had so much fun doing this!

They helped to put together our forks, knife and some of our lavender that we cut fresh that day. We set the table and made a quiche. Every body brought something over. It was nice to talk, to laugh, to enjoy time together as women and to listen to the beautiful poetry of Pam Taylor. A real treat. A must do again.



Diner: Moules Frites

Had a wonderful day today with the kids. Stopped by to buy some mussels and was going to make Moules Frites for diner. Love when I have all the kids together under one roof. A simple pleasure…yet one that I am grateful for all the time!

We had a fabulous time! Felt like home.

Lara’s first cooking lesson

Lara has many friends that have been cooking making their own stuff in the kitchen. She had ask to cook before.

Photos are just simple Iphone photos as I was more concentrating on her than on photography for this event. This was all about her, and not about anything else.

She today had her first cooking lesson and she chose to make banana bread. We had music going: Cloud 9, Miley Cyrus, Frozen soundtrack….it was the Chef’s choice of music!

She made the banana bread from scratch, took notes, and was the most incredible student.

She cut herself for the first time with the knife, she learned how to use the kitchen aid and she got to licked the bowl…and she learned how to clean up afterwards!

This was I assure you the best banana bread I ever ate! She was so proud of herself, she learned the cup, teaspoons, and how to properly butter the bottom of the pan.

It was just her and I in the kitchen, we had a blast!