Restaurant Le Pauillac in Haut-Medoc



Haut-Medoc Trip

For those of you that do not subscribe to my Professional travel blog, here is my last post.

I was a happy camper when my parents ( so lucky to have them) did give us the privilege this summer to treat us to a fabulous trip to the Haut-Medoc. I was in Heaven. I was able to discover a region of France that I never been and neither did my parents. What a treat!

Here is the link and photos of the journey.

Saint Emilion, Medoc, red wine is a passion of mine.

I have since little girl been invited by my dad to become a wine connaisseur. I have been grateful since.

Red wine more particularly is a true passion!

Since here in France I have had the pleasure to see my dad open so many great bottles for me. 1997 seem to be the year we are drinking….I am so so enjoying it!

My brother invited me last weekend and opened a bottle of his year 1981 Medoc…..a real pleasure.

I wish I could photograph taste, feeling, smell.

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