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Whale Watch Cabo: Mexico

Whale Watch Cabo

Letting the past consume my present.

I realized today as I am trying to keep my mind off things how much I connect with the past, with history of the past, with music of the past.

Today, I listened to Beethoven, Donato, Pugliese, Piaf, Brel, Canaro

Today, I started to read a biography of MichelAngelo.

Today, I researched the archeological sites of Mexico.

When I do not feel well, or when I feel down there is nothing like history and research to get me back on my feet!

It worked, I did not think much about other things. When I did, it went away fast!

As I am planning my photographic journey to Mexico, I started my research.

I know, I did not want to go to the beach, or somewhere too touristy.

I knew I wanted to go explore archeology sites, and ruins so I decided I am going to Oaxaca, Mexico.

Now looking for a place to stay is always hard for me. I want historical, simple, clean but charming.

The Hotel Casantica, Oaxaca, Mexico is the place I choose to be in during my stay there. It seems very much like what I like:

Historical, old, and ordinary.

The Hotel was a old convent in the XVI century. Looks like the rooms are still very typical. I am sure I will love it!

Here is a photo of a mission while my trip to California. Hopefully it will be as much fun to stay in the convent in Mexico.