Video Documentary on Argentine Tango

I specialize in documentary photography and lately have been wanted to add film and video under my belt to be able to cater to any job opportunity that can be giving to me in journalism/documentary.

I feel like a photojournalist or photo documentarist has to know how to do both these days, to be able to stay competitive.

Thanks to the support of my wonderful friend, teacher  and mentor in photography Meg Daniel. She really push me to learn it, and kept telling me that I will love it and embrace it if I give it a chance. She was right as usual.

Thanks to the wonderful teaching of Brandon Johnson, Kelly Smith Campbell and Andrew Ross, I am able to produce my first piece that I am very proud of.


It has been a challenge to edit as I am a perfectionist. This is my 4th video, but the first one that I am proud of.

Video Documentary on Argentine Tango


Tom and Nancy’s Wedding

My good tango friends Tom and Nancy got married last week-end.

Nancy is from Argentina, and she sure knows how to party!

The wedding was one of the best wedding I have attended in a long time. It was simple, fun, and it was focus on the “right things”

Everybody was dancing, under the rain, under the sun, dancing with umbrellas. Eating great food, and socializing with friends.

Great music and fun time is all it takes! I have to say the Dj was incredible, and for those of you that know I Dj…you know how picky I am:-)

As usual I had my camera and took couple of photos in a journalistic way to capture moments!

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Mes amis Nancy et Tom se sont marie le weekend dernier.

Super mariage. La mariee pas stressee du tout. On a danse sous la pluie, avec parapluie, sous le soleil.