TOPO Distillery in Chapel Hill, NC

TOPO Distillery



Kings Daughter’s Inn, Durham NC

Trilogy restaurant and Silverspot Cinema in Chapel Hill!

Carrboro Day

I had a girls brunch today, and right after the girls and I cleaned up and then all of us went to Carrboro day. We knew there would be music, bands and it would be fun to do something together.

We enjoyed the music very much, Chloe was the last girls to be able to get her face paint. They were actually done but a friend came to the rescue and begged them to paint her face. She was about to cry when they told her they were done. She had waited 45 minutes in line…. She came out smiling with a gorgeous butterfly on a face.

At the end of the festival, they were giving the big ballon away,  the girls got one! It was pink mania!

Fun way to to finish such a fun weekend with them!


Outdoor milonga in Raleigh

Incredible afternoon. Lara came with me to the milonga as Chloe was at a slumber party. The kids loves to come to Milonga events whether it is when we take them to Open eye, to the outdoor Milonga or when we take them to Arthur Murray studio. Girls are so grateful and feel so included that Patrick and I do this with them. Chloe painted my toe nails right before we went to the Milonga and we took some silly photos together.

I was the DJ  Saturday afternoon in Raleigh. What a gorgeous day it was to be outdoor dancing. We had people from Newport News, and Fayetville coming to danse with us. Many people were just watching as so many events were happening at the Duke Energy center.

The best part of it is seeing the community working together afterward to take down the floor, and help out. ( thank you David for allowing us to use it). Wonderful people we have here!



International Festival for Lara at Kestreil Height

Chloe, Lara and I made it to Kestreil at 5;15 pm. Patrick meet us there after Lara called him several times to ask if he could bring a table cloth, then if he could help her since her board was not a stand up board. He made a stand for her at the last minute and had it at school by 5;30!  She was so grateful.

While Lara presented her Cote d’Ivoire country, Jason, Chloe, Patrick and I went to pretty much every single country represented! We laughed so much. It is wonderful to spend time with these middle school kids and ask them questions about the country they did there project on.

Lara earned 50 extra points for going last night and we had fun learning about countries.

I actually learned that Marie Curie was not French last night and I did not know that.

Anyway another great family event while we have the girls on weekend.

Smores at the beach

Ha the American tradition of Smores! Doris had gotten everything that was needed for it. It was Maya’s first time experiencing the fun. Everybody enjoyed it and Chloe and Lara were happy to show Maya how to do it.



Mountain bike ride and hike

Patrick and I took the kids on the trails last week. While Patrick went mountain biking with Meg and Matt on the Chapel Hill trails, I took the girls hiking. We hiked 5 miles, we had such a good time. We read about the beavers there.

It was a fun 3 hours outdoor.


Wyndham Golf Tournement

Patrick was able through his connections to get him and Jason to volunteer at the Wyndham Golf Tournament in Greensboro. They were at the 18th hole and did security. They had a wonderful time.

Because of their volunteering Millie and I were able to attend the championship. What a fun day, I loved it!

I only wish the girls could of been with us…

We were not allowed cameras, so those are fun iPhone photos