Fresh from the Sea

Les araignees de mer peche at my demand….

My dad ask “Katoun what do you want for diner tonight?” I respond Araignees! ( Spider crabs). My dad then take the boat and goes get them in the ocean for me…day after day!

Then he fished maqueraux that he prepares in such a wonderful way. Then he fishes Daurade that we eat as cevice for aperitif. Then he fish a huge 5 kilos Bar that he prepared with his Normand sauce with cider, and tomatoes.

How will I survive coming back home? This is what I miss the most beside my family…living across the water, and eating fresh seafood day after day!

July_2013_France_Iphone_0017 July_2013_France_Iphone_0009 July_2013_France_Iphone_0006 July_2013_France_Iphone_0005 July_2013_France_Iphone_0004 July_2013_France_Iphone_0003 Spider Crabs Spider Crabs July_2013_France_Iphone_0002