Published in Meadowmont Magazine

I just received my copy, my issue of January 2016, today of Meadowmont Living.

I had submitted photos of the beautiful homes in Meadowmont Comunity, the fall leaves on the Golf Course. They loved the photos and had asked me if they could as well published the poem I had written, that went along. I gave them the poem and here it is today, printed!

In the this issue I have, yet again, a 2 pages spread!

December_2015_Iphone_photos_Publication_0007 December_2015_Iphone_photos_Publication_0006


Article and Photo feature in FireFighter Nation Magazine is published!


How do I express my gratitude?

How do I express the feelings that I am going through right now?

I am officially published and got paid for it!

Comment exprimer ma gratitude?

Comment exprimer ce que je ressens a l’interieur?

Je suis officiellement publie et on m’as payer:-)