Chef Isaiah Allen

A French Dinner at Saint-Jacques at The Burke Manor Inn.

Hidden Gem Culinary Spot: Youssef 242, Hickory

Le Sacre Coeur

This place has been my favorite place since a little girl! A month ago I was lucky enough to go back. The view is always as majestic as I remember!

Listening to “Billie Holiday” this morning and happy working, editing. June_2015_Montmartre_Sacre_coeur_0214 copy


Rue Cler

On Saturday night, we had decided to take Lara out to a nice restaurant. I never have her by myself. She truly is the middle child. I wanted to take her somewhere nice however I had a tiny budget. I decided to take her to Rue Cler. I knew that she would take the moules frites. ( 12 dollars). We order a side of half dozen beignets, and Lara and I ordered the moules frites. Great fun, fancy place, small price and she felt so special!

Mission accomplished. One more time it shows that quality time, experience is more important than anything else!

Highland Avenue restaurant in Hickory

Wow! Wow! Wow!

I was totally impressed when I ate there. We arrived at the restaurant and were welcomed there.

We choose to sit outside. The food was fabulous. One of my friends had spotted the place during his work week and wanted to take me there as he knows I am a foodie. Hard to impress me, and I mean Hickory? Well I was impressed by the appetizer plate of cured meat and cheese. Everything made there! It was incredible.

I opted for the fish du jour and what an incredible decision it was ….

I highly recommend this restaurant if you are in town. A must!!

Photos from the iPhone, wish I would of had my camera…

April_2015_Home_terrasse_girls_0143 copy April_2015_Home_terrasse_girls_0142 copy April_2015_Home_terrasse_girls_0140 copy



I was asked by my friend Lisa Jacob to come and DJ the “Catwalk Milonga” the past weekend.

What fun it was to stay at Susannah and Eric Gebhart wonderful cozy home .

We were swamped with work but we managed to work out of nice coffee shops and outside most of the day.

We went to eat to two restaurants I had previously gone name Chorizo, and at Isa’s Bistro. Isa’s bistro was even better than I had remember.

We took a break from working and then drove a little around to the Groove Park Inn, what a magical place it is! It was my first time there.

I am editing my camera photos to submit to stock and to use in my thesis presentation in couple of weeks.

Here are iPhone photos of  us taking a welcome break from work.