My Parents

For the both of them it is their second marriage. They have been married for 32 years ( I think). Being on vacation with them was a good example of what a healthy marriage/relationship should be.

Every morning my dad over the 10 days of vacations would wake up, and say good morning to both my mom and I. At breakfast he would get up, get his coffee, set it on the table and go kiss my mom with a ” Bonjour ma cherie” .

During visiting Athenes, Santorini, he would take my mom’s hand, or put his arms around her shoulders. Not by obligations, but in such a natural way. Every night he would get up from the bed in the hotel, and go get a piece of dark chocolate for himself and ask ” Tu veux une tisane ma cherie?” and he would make her a tea.

He was taking so many photos of her , and on the same time of me. He told me : this is normal Katia, this is how it should be.

They both joke so much, laugh all times, don’t take themselves seriously.

And then the night before we left Athenes we were talking about many things as we are inside a restaurant and my dad gave this speech that actually made me and my mom cry.

He gave his declaration of love right there, and why he loved my mom, and what love was suppose to be, or not to be. It was the most beautiful thing he ever said, and if you knew my dad you would know he is not the kind of kind to say this kind of things very easily.  I can count on my hand the times I heard him say I love you.

That was the most beautiful speech I had ever heard. Wish I had record it. At then end ,both my mom and I in tears crying in this restaurant, my mom said…I never knew you felt that way, still , after all these years.

Anyway here are the photos I took of them together.

They have show me what is love, and are a perfect example of why it last. They both give to each other. There is not just one that inspire the other…they both inspire each other. They both challenge each other still. They both lift each other up. It is both way, it goes both ways. They both have been very sucessful and still together because they always had each others back and pushed each other further. That is why they respect each other.  They are truly an example!


Awakening vacation in Santorini

I have been in Santorini in the Cyclades for 3 days now…how beautiful!

This has been an awakening vacation. Few days shy of my 41st birthday I can honestly say I have never felt more beautiful, more appreciated, and I certainly know now that I am incredible. I can honestly say I have no regret of how life turned out to be, I do not have an once of bitterness in me. I am now looking forward, looking toward the future.

I am an incredible well being, always helping others, looking to lift them up, and spending a lot of my energy being a life coach to them. I realize that in life you have 2 kind of people. The ones that will appreciate it, and give back to you the same way. And the other ones ,they will take more and more until you can’t give anymore, but will never make an effort to give back.

This has been the most beautiful vacation. I went to sail, went on the volcano, tango, and I realized I do not want to be taken for granted anymore.

I am coming back a different person.


Santorini, Iles des Cyclades, Greece

How beautiful, how incredible of a place. I have not post anything on blog, as I do not have the time to edit or write. I am so busy running around, exploring, learning, tangoing…

Here are few photos from yesterday that I took with the Iphone just to be able to post couple here.

Jour J -5

I am in middle of finals. Final quizzes, final projects and trying to keep that GPA high to get the honors.

Someone asked me not too long ago why do I thrive so much for those honors? Why do I thrive so much for perfection? I did not know, could not answer that question. I am not in competition with anybody. I just need the degree. So why indeed I am thriving to get those A?

A friend posted on facebook this morning a quote and it indeed answered that question to me. This is how I feel! I want to be better than I was yesterday. “I am in competition with no one. I run my own race. I have no desire to play the game of being better than anyone, in any way, shape or form. I just aim to improve, to be better that I was before. That’s me and I am free. “— Jenny G. Perry

I am leaving for Greece in 5 days. The day after my youngest birthday. I am soaking the time that I have with my kids, getting ready for Chloe’s birthday party. I am swamp getting my gear ready, cleaned. Not packed yet…

But I am dreaming…dreaming of Greece this morning. I can hear Athena telling me why such a enchanted city to whom she gave her name had become Socrates, Plato, Sophocles and Euripides birthplace….

It will be a not much internet connected trip, not much Facebook update for me, and probably not much update on the blog. However as usual if you want to keep up with me through my phone “What’s app” is the way to go.

The trip will be one rich of my favorite things put together: History, philosophy, poetry, photography and family.

Athens to start for 4 days, then flying to the island of Santorini…