Monsieur Roberto Restucha

Sad news this morning when I got the phone call that our friend Roberto had past away…

I thought I would reblog this in his memory!


When you see him, he always has a smile on his face, he is always happy. You look at him and you see the gentleman.

You see the old fashion Argentinian! The tanguero….

He looks at his wife with eyes of admiration, of love, of happiness.

In a photoshoot you can get to see  the real personality of someone. He is real, as real as it gets.

This is him: funny, wise, in love with his wife. We had so much fun, that I invited his wife Amalia to join us at the end of the shoot.

Wow! One would be lucky to have what those two have.

Complete admiration for each other, love through the years and happiness!

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One of the day last week started like this….O bruit doux de la pluie

O bruit doux de la pluie, par terre et sur les toits, pour un coeur qui s’ennuie…

One of the best way to start the day is to start it with one of my favorite poet : Verlaine. It was such a long time since I had heard this poem. I re-read it all the way.

I had such a productive day after that!  Johnny Lee Hooker took over Verlaine, and that night I went to diner to Dos Perros with my best friends, Iryna and Cecil,  and a Tanguero friend, Ben,  from Singapore that came to see us in town. The last time we saw Ben was at a milonga in Singapore. It was fantastic to dance with him again. He is such a wonderful dancer, and listen so well to the music! We were also lucky to listen to his wonderful music as he graciously DJ for us.

Full, incredible day!


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Farewell Milonga Pichuqueando for Cecilia Pagani

Last night was a very special milonga to honor our good friend and beautiful milonguera, Cecilia Pagani,before she relocates to Atlanta, GA
We had the milonga at Piazza Italia and we had live music.

Maestro Julian Hasse was at the bandoneon and David Garcia was at the guitar  and the live music were compliments of Jason Laughlin, Cecilia’s dance partner.

Here are the photos of the evening.