4th of July week-end


I took a small couple of weeks break from editing and posting. I have been so busy since my trip from England and France as I am training for another triathlon. Anyway, I am back!

For the 4th of July weekend I went to Middleburg, VA to visit friends that I have known for over 25 years…

What an incredible place to regenerate yourself! I am grateful, and happy to have people that I can call at any time and say I come to see you.

Fabulous place to be, we went to see Christophe Jouenne  jump at the race with his horse.

Here are couple of photos of the day, prior to the race and then at the race



20 years in America

20 years ago I came to the USA, What a better way to celebrate than being with the people who came with me.

We had a reunion last weekend and it was rejuvenating!

Thank you guys for staying true to yourselves!

Thank you Sylvain Melloul for this beautiful opportunity .